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Nice animation, gave me a feeling of chirstmas morning. But the meme almost ruined it for me lmao. Also would have been nice if there was a play button at the start or a replay button so it wouldn't keep repeating.

pwneropwnage responds:

Yeah, I think that a button would have helped too, But I don't know how to make those yet, thanks for the feedback!

That was so me in 3rd grade.

Spot on Mark Zuckerberg drawing. Rad flash, Prembro.

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Lemon is a great character, I love all the character designs. The art for the text box is great, probably my favorite part was your writing and seeing Lemon's cute expressions. Great job with the cut scenes as well!! Always love to see the Flatwoods monster show up in things since its local folklore. Perfect game to get you in the mood for Halloween. Can't wait to see more from you.
Big Thumbs Up

Gerkinman responds:

I am really happy you enjoyed all the small touches I added into the game. :)

Thanks for the support. ^^

This is so good. Love the music and art, this is seriously an awesome concept. Can't wait to see more from you.

Awesome, fun and addicting! Love the music too, so soothing.

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WOW this is amazing. You really got the most out of those NES soundfonts, congrats on placing top 3 !

Troisnyx responds:

Cheers ^_^ Also, soundfont. Singular. Glad you enjoyed it!

Damn, sick work my guy!! The lead on this is amazing.

OiPriPri responds:

Thanx, I can thank my dishwasher for that, It gave me great inspiration.

This is rad, mind if I try and remix this? Sounds like a really fun song to work with.

OiPriPri responds:

Lol Gooo Right Ahead

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Dang this is insane! I love your pixel work so much.

Whoa this is sick, Newgrounds background worthy.

DanielClasquin responds:

Wow thanks! I was thinking about making an army of nu spider creatures

These tiddie sweaters are killing me. Cool character, giving me a kind of Rosalina vibe.

I make sick synthpop sometimes. Inquiries, etc - palmtreepanic@yahoo.com

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