damn wasup

2016-04-15 17:51:33 by E-lie

Doing something I saw on twitter where you make a 2 minute long song everyday for 30 days and see how much progress you've made on the 30th day. I'm going to try and keep it up. 

You guys should try it too, doesn't even have to be music could be a video or a drawing.

Definitely lots of fun, just remember it doesn't have to be perfect.

ont worry about it

2016-01-28 04:15:36 by E-lie


Lookin' for people to work with!

2015-10-27 04:01:35 by E-lie

I have more stuff on my soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/e-lie) if you need more of an idea of my work.

Would love to do music or sound effects for your game, animation, etc. 

I'm also looking for people to teach me more about music production. (I use fl studio at the moment)

Mostly looking for experience, or to meet new people.

Can't wait to hear from you guys.


Looking for programmers, artists, game designers, etc.

2014-12-14 10:26:49 by E-lie

I'm dying to make a game, I have some ideas that's i've been working on. I've only just started learning and reaching out, trying to teach myself everything I need through friends in the same field/youtube tutorials. This is some hard shit, real talk.

All I really know right now is music and sound design which isn't really helpful at this stage, I'm starting up my art again hopefully going to be able to get better, learn more and help my art game out. Other than art, music, and general ideas of what I want to do and vague ideas of game design I have no idea how to make a game. I've talked to people and I've done research, I'm trying out flash and gamemaker and even as straight forward and easy as those programs are I have no idea what I'm doing.

If you're looking for some experience or want to just talk or think you can help or even want to stick with me and make a few games, please hit me up. 

I know making games is what I want to do with my life, and it would mean the world to me if you want to help me achive this or even join me. 

If you're looking for music or a sound designer for games or animation I would LOVE to help with that.

(if all else fails i'll just stick with making my music) 

Thank you for reading.


musicmusicmusicmusicmusic yeah yeah yeah

2012-09-30 11:50:26 by E-lie

I'm mostly going to be posting my music here and some unfinshed trash.

I'm looking for people to colab with, other artists, animators, devs, etc.

Been lurking newgrounds since like 03 or so, never got around to making an account till I actually made my own shit.